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Almost two years after the COVID-19 crisis, the field of mental health registered two fundamental consequences: on the one hand, pathologies associated with stress have increased – according to a study published in The Lancet, due to the pandemic, cases of depressive disorders increased in Latin America and the Caribbean by 34.8% and those of anxiety by 31.7% – and on the other, online therapy was installed as a valid and accepted method, which allows expand the universe of people who access it.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is a common illness throughout the world.

Worldwide, approximately 280 million people have it, affecting both men and women. In this scenario, he was born Talkit, a digital and comprehensive platform for emotional and psychological well-being.

With this app, anyone can start doing therapy one hundred percent online with certified psychologists specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, this application allows patients to communicate daily with their psychologist through a direct messaging functionality, attend group sessions and organize their appointments directly from the platform, from wherever they are, safely and confidentially.

On the other hand, it also offers exclusive tools to work on well-being and mental health with a self-manageable program with exercises, mindfulness practices and videos and much more.

Plans: Seeks to facilitate access to psychotherapy. There are tailored plans, from basic to premium, according to your needs and your pocket.


The platform seeks to facilitate and democratize access to psychotherapy so that people have where to ask for help in an easy, accessible and safe way, without having the need to consult with family, friends, social work, etc.

The idea is that people lose their fear of cheering up and know that it is normal, that it is okay to need and ask for help at any time and aspect of their life. A report from Global Wellness Institute mentions that wellness applications motivate people to go to the office and thanks to them the following benefits are more likely to be obtained: The person understands the importance of prioritizing their mental health Approach experts in the field capable of help him / her.

People attend therapy thanks to simplified accessibility. According to studies conducted in similar applications in the US, 60 percent of users who approach a platform to perform online therapy with people who had never done therapy before. Thus, Talkit it is a vital tool for opening doors and giving access to people who might not otherwise be able to obtain treatment, be it due to time, cost, or lack of reliable referrals.

Mental health is, for WHO, “A state of well-being in which the person realizes their capacities and is able to cope with the normal stresses of life, to work productively and to contribute to their community”And it has become, as a result of the pandemic, a social priority. The type of therapy you apply Talkit is cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on problems and difficulties in the here and now, looking for ways to improve mood. It is very useful treating anxiety, depression, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress, among others.

Likewise, treatment with a specialist is combined with exclusive tools and mindfulness exercises, because it is a discipline that helps to regulate emotions, to be present in the here and now and to reduce anxiety. The pandemic has highlighted the need to take care of mental health, working to eliminate any type of taboo or stigma on psychological therapy.

Talkit makes a comprehensive proposal composed of an ecosystem of tools that allow the person to achieve their emotional and psychological well-being, complementing the work with their therapist, in an accessible, safe and confidential space.

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