a new absurd and intriguing teaser for season 3

This is one of the good news for 2022: the series Atlanta is back this year, and an intriguing new teaser has just been revealed.

The series of Donald Glover, Atlanta, is finally back after almost four years of waiting, and is gradually revealing itself. After sharing an enticing first trailer, and while the promotion of season 3 is accelerating, the production releases more and more clues about the show: after a preview “behind the scenes” of the underside of the show, a new teaser has just been released, featuring the heroes of the series in a strange advertisement.

Paper Boi is exported to Europe

We thus find Earn, his cousin Paper Boi and their friend Darius in an old-fashioned TV spot and in a foreign language, promoting various everyday products. Several clues recall that season 3 will take place at least partially abroad, and probably in Europe – we even see the Eiffel Tower in the advertising background. So will Paper Boi need to escape the United States as its popularity grows?

Atlanta is a separate series, which follows the rise of a rapper, Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), et de son manager, Earn (Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino). Dark, cynical and humorous at the same time, she exhibits the multidisciplinary talent of Donald Glover, who has proven himself as a musician as well as a comedian or an actor. With some stagings as bizarre as they are brilliant, Donald Glover takes a fair look at current society, interweaving his intrigue with social issues such as racism.

Appointment on 24 mars 2022 to discover the adventures of Earn and his cousin in Europe. We know, it’s soon … but after 4 years of absence, we’re going to have a hard time waiting.


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