Following the upheavals caused by the coronavirus crisis, Formula 1 resumed in early July and set up a particularly condensed alternative calendar. Three times in as many months, the paddock is forced to do three consecutive race weekends, which implies a sustained pace of work for the members of the teams. This experiment of what the English call a “triple-header” had already been done in 2018 and little appreciated. This year, it is generalized under the circumstances, to save the season, but there is no question in the future of letting this practice continue.

“We are now going to three consecutive Grands Prix with these two races in the UK [avant une troisième à Barcelone], which of course is not so bad for the British teams compared to the others “, emphasizes Andreas Seidl, director of McLaren. “At least we have the option of getting to the circuit as late as possible with a short trip, as well as taking a break between the two events at Silverstone. Then there will be another triple-header, and I think that there will be another one later, which is difficult. Considering the special circumstances this year, this is something we have to go through. But at the same time, it also cannot be the new standard for the seasons. futures. “

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The teams are currently facing an intense period which brings together no less than nine Grands Prix in eleven weeks, requiring adaptations and special care to spare the staff. The most difficult beyond this rhythm is the time spent by each person without being able to find their family.

“I don’t think the biggest challenge is the work we have to do on the circuit”, confirms Seidl. “It’s hard work, but I think the biggest problem for each member of the team is being away from families and children. Experiencing that first three-race streak after the long break we’ve had, I don’t think it’s the most difficult either. We have to be aware that the further we advance in the season, the more difficult it will be for the team with the next series. “

“At the team level, we do everything to make traveling and whatever we can more comfortable, in order to keep everyone in good shape. At the same time, I believe that everyone in the team understands that it is is a special season, with special circumstances following the epidemic. We all understand that it is absolutely necessary to do these Grands Prix this year for the survival of the teams. I just hope that with everything we do, by having an attentive ear, by listening to understand where the problems are in the team or for each member, we will get through it all properly. “