Scientists baffled; After a mysterious radio signal is detected, it blasts toward Earth, from an unknown source in the center of the Milky Way.

The unexpected discovery was made by researchers at the University of Sydney, using a powerful radio telescope in Western Australia.

Although astronomers often discover unusual phenomena coming from the galactic core; However, the Sydney researchers have so far failed to explain their latest finding.

It does not appear that the radio waves captured by the Australian telescope fit any known source of radio signals in space, according to what was published by the British newspaper “Daily Express”; Which made the researchers determined to discover what exactly is happening in the center of the galaxy, which is about 26,000 light-years from Earth.

According to the international student Zhiting Wang, who discovered these waves; The sign may indicate the existence of a new class of astral bodies.

The student added, “The strangest feature of this new signal is that it has a very high polarization. This means that its light oscillates in only one direction, but this direction rotates with the passage of time.”

Wang, a doctoral student in the university’s School of Physics, is the lead author of a new study describing this phenomenon. “The object’s brightness also varies greatly, by a factor of 100, and the signal is turned on and off seemingly randomly, we’ve never seen anything like it before,” he added.

His discovery was published this week in the peer-reviewed Astrophysical Journal. Stars of all kinds can emit light that spans the broadest range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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