A municipality in Corrientes suspended its carnivals due to the fires

The Corrientes Municipality of Santo Tomé reported this Saturday that it decided to suspend its carnivals due to the fire emergency.

The town is one of the most affected by the fire and in the last hours even the electrical system was threatened by the flames.

In a statement, the municipality indicated that “Due to the igneous emergency we are going through, the 2022 carnivals of Santo Tomé are postponed”.

“Both the personnel and the machinery of the municipality are working on the ground to stop the sources of fire that surround the city, together with all the State agencies and neighbors who are offering their help”they assured.

The event was scheduled for this Saturday and a rescheduling by the authorities is expected.

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According to the latest report from the provincial government, there is an active focus in the Cuay Grande area, Santo Tome.

There a forest and grassland fire broke out caused by a focus on the coast of the Uruguay River on the border with the El Triunfo property of the Directorate of Ski Lift and Veterinary Medicine. The fire at the moment was divided into two flanks advancing towards the north and east with risk for populated areas and production zones, indicated the government report.

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