The artist Pedro Reyes uploaded a video to his Instagram account with details of the characteristics and meaning of Tlali, the sculpture that will be located where the monument to Christopher Columbus was, on Paseo de la Reforma. And he deleted it, but there was a great discussion in networks about the appearance of the work, still in process. The memes began to circulate: if it looked like the robot from Metropolis, if it had more features of an African or Asian woman; what if he looked like an alien. In addition to the doubts about how the decision was made and why Reyes was chosen to create it, another discussion revolved around whether indigenous women feel represented or not, if they want a “stylized” sculpture —as López Obrador said— . The Zapotec poet and translator Irma Pineda wrote on Twitter: “They asked me what I think about removing Columbus and putting the figure of an indigenous woman. I told them that the concern should not be about some iron that we will only see if we go to CDMX, but that health, education and many things that are required in the indigenous populations be guaranteed ”. The Mayan poet Sasil Sánchez, questioned: “Both the statue and the intention end up being abstract: What indigenous woman are they referring to?” While Mixe writer Yásnaya Aguilar shared information on why Olmec women were not indigenous. Indigenous women must be at the center of this discussion; everyone else, starting with the authorities, to listen. Or not?

Amlovers, eternal love proof of everything

Three years ago here we talked to you about the “Vote for Love” campaign, where artists called to vote for AMLO and we asked him what would happen after July 1 if he won, what paths would these artists and intellectuals take: if they would be collaborators and would keep their independence, if they would become unconditional and organic. The sculptor Pedro Reyes, one of the amlovers, today says he is convinced that it is a fantasy to think that criticism produces changes. Time, we said, would provide the answers. Tlali is the proof.


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