A minute for peace in the Holy Land and Myanmar

Pope Francis in his tweet today asks everyone to participate in the Catholic Action International initiative. Wherever you are, stop a minute, bow your head and say a prayer for peace, each according to your own tradition. This is the request of the initiative “A Minute for Peace” this time in particular for the Holy Land and Myanmar

Vatican News

Pray especially for peace in the Holy Land, between Israelis and Palestinians, and for Myanmar and for the many other countries in the world that suffer from conflict and violence. This is the objective of the prayer initiative “One Minute for Peace” this Tuesday, June 8, at 1:00 pm (8:00 am GMT). Catholics, Christians of different denominations, believers of many religions, men and women of good will are invited to unite to pray and work for peace around the world.

“Wherever you are, stop a minute, bow your head and say a prayer for peace, each according to your own tradition.” This is the phrase that accompanies this year’s promotional poster, which also recalls Pope Francis’ phrase in the blessing City and the world of Easter 2021: “There are still too many wars and violence in the world! May the Lord, who is our peace, help us to overcome the mentality of war”.

“One Minute for Peace” is an initiative of the International Forum of Catholic Action (FIAC), Italian Catholic Action, Argentine Catholic Action, World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations (WUCWO), National Commission for Justice and Peace (Argentina ) and others. Also to support Pope Francis’ meeting for peace on June 8, 2014 in the Vatican Gardens with the President of Israel (Shimon Peres), the President of the Palestinian Authority (Maḥmūd ʿAbbās – Abu Mazen), and with the Patriarch of Constantinople (Bartholomew I). Two days before the event, on June 6, at 1 pm, “One minute for peace” was held, a simple, personal and community proposal that resounded as a sign of unity and a desire for fraternal unity in the world. Since then, every year on the anniversary of the “Invocation for Peace”, it has been prayed that all peoples and nations suffering from conflict and violence may live in peace.

The initiative is aimed at individuals and groups and could become an occasion for meetings around the 8th of June or using the networks and media at a time when much of the world is still under the restrictions of the pandemic. In addition, each person should simply stop their daily activities and take a minute to reflect, pray and commit, alone or accompanied, to peace throughout the world.

(Updated June 8, 2021 at 11:50 am)