A MILLION pesos to whoever has this 5-peso coin of the Bicentennial of Independence

Recently, certain Mexican banknotes and coins began to be offered, especially for the new banknote designs such as the 50-peso bill or the 20-peso bill, which have become collectible due to their specific and aesthetic characteristics; but commemorative coins, such as those for the Bicentennial and Centennial of Independence, have also become more popular.

It is important to remember that these copies can be found on the Internet within specialized buying and selling sites, as is the case with the 5-peso coins that have caught the attention of users due to their high cost in Mercado Libre, since for two Commemorative 5-peso coins can offer you up to one million pesos.

5 peso coins for sale

Most of the old pieces are the ones that can be sold for a price greater than their denomination, but it must be remembered that there are few that can be sold for thousands of pesos, since they have to meet a series of characteristics that make them extremely valuable for numismatists.

According to what was published by the MercadoLibre user, these are two commemorative coins of the bicentennial of Independence, which are for sale in the center of Tabasco; put both currencies the user is asking for a million pesos, one of these is offered at 500 thousand pesos and the other at 600 thousand.

They offer up to a million for these copies

One of these coins began to circulate during the year 2009, and in the case of the publication it refers to one with the image of Eulalio González, who was a magonista militant who from the beginning of the Mexican revolution joined the Maderista movement and in 1913 the constitutionalism.

In November 1914, Eulalio González was appointed Provisional President by the Sovereign Revolutionary Convention of Aguascalientes, a position he held until January 1915. Below we show you the offer of these two five-peso coins, which are made of Nickel and which until the date this exchange rate remains in circulation:


Just for a few letters they give 500 thousand pesos to whoever has THIS 50-peso bill

300 THOUSAND pesos to whoever has this commemorative 20-peso coin that has the face of Octavio Paz | PHOTO




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