A mental health patient attacked staff at the hospital

A patient provoked scenes of great violence in the corridors of the Roca hospital when he began to attack the staff and throw items. It is about a person who is hospitalized for mental problems, and they sign that it is not the first time that situations like these have been experienced. They ask for your transfer.

The images of the ferocious aggression were captured by workers from the same hospital who are already tired of dealing with situations of this type and are demanding a definitive solution from the authorities.

As they explained, the man is a mental health patient who is hospitalized and suffers from attacks of violence, and in the last incident he began to attack other patients and the maid staff. According to the workers, it all started when the man claimed that his food did not have salt, and he ended up hurting the maid in the face.

Due to this fact, several workers began a protest measure yesterday, Wednesday.

“We work in fear, nobody gives us security, you cannot work in this area. We have already taken a service retention measure, unfortunately it will affect society, but we as workers deserve respect and work in a safe environment,” said the nurse. Gastón Martínez in dialogue with Noticias10.

In addition, a group of professionals went to the Judicial City of Roca on Thursday to demand their transfer for fear that the attacks could become more serious.

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