A man’s response to a coronavirus denier neighbor who went viral: “The only thing he is not safe from is his ignorance”

Many of the posters that neighbors put on the elevators of the buildings are usually perfect content to go viral on social networks. That happened in the last hours in Spain: a Twitter user shared the text that one of her neighbors had posted with denialist slogans of the coronavirus and he rehearsed a tough answer that was shared thousands of times in a few hours.

Specifically, the poster refers to one of the last fake news that circulate on the internet, which states that covid vaccines contain some type of substance that magnetizes objects.

“And tell me, doctor, Why does a magnet stick to the point where I was vaccinated? What have they put into my body? Will this react with electromagnetic fields? Am I safe, doctor? ”, Says the letter, where there are a large number of spelling errors.

A tweeter from Andalusia –@smv__– He decided to correct them all and leave a reply that was highly applauded on the bird’s social network.

The answer that went viral. (Photo: Twitter @smv__)

“Dear patient, the only thing you are not safe from is your ignorance”, the user sentenced with a note that he pasted under the poster.

In the same thread, the young man clarified that he is a well-known neighbor who “does not stop trying to convince the elderly who live in the building not to get vaccinated or use a mask” and that, in addition, “Affirms that Covid does not exist”.

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On the other hand, responding to other users that they criticized her correcting the woman’s spellingHe answered that he is a “licensed person”: “It would never occur to me to reproach someone without access to education. I have been raised in hands full of soil that did not know how to write. My respect is more than infinite. But this goes beyond a tittle ”.

The pandemic brought out anti-science currents that are adding more and more followers thanks to the dissemination of ideas through social networks. According to the RAE, to be a denier is to show an attitude that consists of the denial of certain realities and relevant natural events.

It is about opposition to basic concepts, accepted and strongly supported by the evidence that are part of the scientific consensus in favor of ideas that are radical and controversial.

The common element is found in the rejection, although the currents that sustain these arguments are varied and question from creationism and the theory of evolution to the Holocaust, through the climate crisis.


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