A man in Japan spent over $15,000 to look like a collie dog

A man has decided to change his reality and become a dog, or at least try; It is about a subject who, although he has not undergone surgery to change his physical appearance permanently, yes, a large sum of money has been spent on designing a highly realistic tailor-made costume of a Collie breed dog. Toko, through her Twitter username, contacted Zeppet, a company specializing in providing high-production sculptures or costumes for the film industry, which it took 40 days to design the costume which cost around $17,795.

the middle japanese My Navi News interviewed him in which they asked him why he had decided on a dog of that breed, to which he replied that a collie looks more real: ”My favorites are the four-legged animals, especially the cute ones. Among those, I thought that an animal closer to me could be good, because it is a very realistic costume, so I decided to go for a dog, “he commented to the local media.

The costume of a man who wanted to become a Great Dane dog

Furthermore, he continued: “Long-haired dogs can confuse humans. I achieved that and got myself a Collie, my favorite breed”. As for how he can move when he is inside the costume, the man indicated that he has some restrictions, because if he moves too much, he stops looking like a dog. Toko shared a video to his YouTube account in which he presents his costume and tells his followers that he always wanted to be an animal: “I made my dream come true.”

Also, He pointed out that he will start uploading videos about his experience being dressed as a dog, and although it is surprising for manythe community he created on social networks supports him in his process and even congratulates him on being a “great dog” and gives him suggestions regarding ways to move that could help him look more real.

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Another dog man, a reptilian person and more cases

Transspecies people, which are those who feel and behave like an animal, are more common than you might think. Tom Peters, for example, is a 35-year-old man from England who identifies with a Dalmatian dog. and, as he said on the British show This Morningwants the government to recognize him as “the first human to become a dog.”

Peter invested in a form-fitting Dalmatian suit and a mask that allowed him to cover his face. and look as much like a Dalmatian puppy as possible. He even has a collar and harness. When Tom becomes Spot, the name he uses when he puts on the suit, eats dog food, walks on all fours, even moves and makes canine sounds. Regarding why, the answer is the same as Toko’s: it is something that makes him happy.

Permanent Modifications

Beyond the suits there are also those who have taken their decision to more permanent changes such as plastic surgery. Richard Hernandez, for example, from Texas, United States, is a person who has had a fondness for snakes since he was young and that, over time, became something he wanted to become. In 1997, after an unfavorable medical diagnosis, Richard had his first operation, which consisted of putting on horns to gradually transform into a reptile.

Richard Hernandez, the Reptilian Man of TexasInstagram

To this day, 25 years later, Hernández He has spent almost $76,267 on modifications to his body that help him feel more like a reptile than a person. Tattoos that look like scales, a tongue divided into two parts, cosmetic surgeries for his nose and ears, the castration of his reproductive organ (he made this decision because he is a non-binary person and did not feel identified with his reproductive organ) among others modifications. Like Richard, there are many other people who not only feel more identified with animals than with humans, instead they are considered creatures beyond nature like aliens or angels.

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the alien man

Anthony Loffredo, 33, for example, considers that more than a person, is an alien. For about seven years now he has decided that he wants to transform himself into what he thinks it would be like to see himself as a creature from literally another world. For this, Loffredo has had several cosmetic surgeries and body modifications that have cost him thousands of dollars.. The ears were removed, the nose was operated on, which now seems almost non-existent, the tongue was split, the whites of the eyes were darkened so that everything looked dark and the entire body was also tattooed black.

Anthony Loffredo wanted to become an alien and had surgery
Anthony Loffredo wanted to become an alien and had surgeryInstagram

Loffredo commented in an interview with the medium Free lunch what all these transformations have become his life project and even make him get into that role: “Many times I sit somewhere and play a role, especially at night and in the dark streets. I explore the contrast between the role I play myself.” The man has also repeated on social networks that the process of transforming him into an alien is not even 50% finished, so many wonder how he will look when he is.



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