Deliveroo claims to have received very few concrete reports on such illegal activities that would allow it to act.

In a reaction, Deliveroo lets it be known that the postulate that the majority of couriers are undocumented migrants comes from a quote from one of the people in the article in Le Soir, is by no means proven and does not correspond in any case. not at all to the observed reality on the ground.

The platform claims to have a zero tolerance policy towards illegal acts and ensures that it would stop working with a courier who would be replaced by a person in violation of Belgian labor law and who does not have the documents required to work in Belgium .

“To date, we have received very few concrete reports of such illegal activities that would enable us to act. When they reached us, we took the measures imposed and collaborated with the police.”, she said again.

Self-employed couriers have the right to replace themselves, like any other self-employed worker in other sectors. It is a completely legal part of self-employment and it is not specific to Deliveroo, the company further explains. On the other hand, the couriers of the collaborative economy can in no way be substituted, she insists. The platform also controls its own couriers. She also says she is working on facial recognition technology to prevent similar frauds.

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