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A lively home
A lively home

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Posted on 12.01.2022

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Placed »Following the daily life of problem children placed in a home as well as that, just as hectic, of their educators, this is the program of Placements, the first film by Nessim Chikhaoui. And the director knows what he’s talking about, having worked more than ten years as an educator. The story revolves around the character of Elias (Shaïn Boumedine), a student who failed the entrance exam to Science Po and who accepts a temporary job in a MECS, a children’s home with a social character. Full of good intentions, the young man will discover an environment which will mark him deeply.

Sometimes close to documentary, the realization of Nessim Chikhaoui aims for realism and is mainly due to its direction of actors. L


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