a legend of the selection pays Messi

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The debate over who of Lionel Messi or Diego Maradona is Argentina’s best player still has a bright future ahead of it. Mario Kempes, another Argentine legend, winner of the 1978 World Cup, made his choice. Despite the Pulga’s Copa América victory against Brazil, the former Valencia player believes he will stay behind El Pibe de oro: “The problem for Messi is that he was named as Maradona’s successor , and Diego, with all the idolatry he aroused, it’s very difficult to overshadow him. If he wants to be better than Maradona… he will never succeed, even winning 4 World Cups in a row. “

Elected best player, top scorer and best passer of this edition of the Copa América, Lionel Messi won his first title in the national teams, after failing 5 times in the final, whether in a world or a Copa America. Not enough to satisfy Mario Kempes visibly.

Mario Kempes places Messi far behind Maradona

The former Valencia goalscorer, Argentine legend and 1976 World Cup winner scratched Leo Messi. For him, the Barcelona player is still very far from surpassing Diego Maradona in the hearts of the Argentines, despite his victory in the Copa América.

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