A legend for the Occident: Ford Bronco comes to Europe

A legend for the Occident
Ford Bronco is coming to Europe

While Fiesta, Focus or Mondeo hardly play a role anymore, Mustang Mach-E and Explorer have made the leap across the pond in the recent past. The off-roader Ford Bronco will now also join this exclusive circle.

With the Bronco, Ford intends to sell another US model in Germany and other European markets in the future. The first copies should be available by the end of 2023. Unlike in the USA, where the Bronco is also available as a three-door, the off-road icon will only be available in limited numbers as a four-door in Europe. The US group will only announce details of the drives and technical data of the euro version at a later date.

At the end of 2023, Ford will also be sending its Bronco on a Euro mission.

(Photo: Ford)

As in the USA, the Bronco is also positioned here as a robust and versatile off-road vehicle in the style of a Jeep Wrangler. Among other things, the Kraxler is characterized by various removable panels and doors. The highlight: All materials, including those in the interior, are washable. There are also many lashing and fastening options on board so that nothing slips during the wild off-road ride. With a view to the wide range of accessories, the vehicle is intended to appeal to campers and outdoor athletes with space requirements, among other things.

Of course, with its off-road technology, the Bronco also allows excursions into more demanding terrain. This is ensured by a two-stage transfer case, optionally as an electronically controlled or electro-mechanical system. Both variants have a rear axle lock. A deactivatable anti-roll bar and a differential lock for the front axle can be ordered as options.

The Bronco also has a number of control systems specially designed for off-road use, such as Trail Control – a cruise control for off-road driving – on board. In addition, the driver can choose from seven driving modes – three for on-road use and four for off-road use. A 360-degree camera system should improve the overview in difficult terrain and of course when parking.


In addition to some trim parts, the doors of the Ford Bronco can also be removed.

(Photo: Ford)

The entire vehicle was designed for robustness in terms of chassis and running gear. Nevertheless, the Bronco should also be characterized by balanced on-road driving characteristics. A modern infotainment system with a 12-inch touchscreen, connectivity technology or premium sound from B&O is then also available for these journeys.

In 2020, the legendary Bronco series celebrated its comeback after a 25-year break. The new edition is now enjoying great popularity again in the USA, which means that customers sometimes have to wait a long time for delivery. This will certainly also be a big problem for European interested parties.

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