Although it was not officially communicated, at noon on Friday the Aerolineas Argentinas flight 1064 left for Moscow, which is returning this Sunday at 6 o’clock with a spectacular shipment, according to trusted sources. Page 12: 1,200,000 doses 2 of the Sputnik V vaccine. That unprecedented quantity in a single batch is added to those completed at the Richmond Laboratory and which were approved on Friday: 760,000 doses. That is from Monday, Argentina will have almost two million doses 2 of Sputnik V, the one that was missing the most to complete the vaccination.

Last month, Minister Carla Vizzotti and presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini traveled to Moscow essentially to negotiate with the Gamaleya Institute and the Russian Fund for Direct Investment the provision of dose 2, since there are Argentines who received the initial dose and still could not complete the outline. These two games will greatly reduce the missing Sputnik 2 gap.

In addition, it is expected that on Wednesday 15, the Gamaleya Institute will approve the quality control of another batch finished in Richmond of 579,000 doses 2. Marcelo Figueiras’s company has already completed the production of four million doses 2, but good Some are still waiting for the quality control that is done in Moscow.

60 million vaccines

As soon as the Aerolineas Argentinas flight lands this Sunday, the country will have exceeded 60 million vaccines obtained because, in addition, this Saturday 530,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca landed in Ezeiza, with the active substance manufactured in the Garín mAbxience Laboratory and finished in Mexico. More than 150 million doses of the active substance have already been produced at the Sigman family plant, but much of it is being distributed in other Latin American countries.

It is very likely that in the week that begins this Monday, 850,000 doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca donated by Spain will also arrive and a new shipment from Pfizer of 160,000 vaccines is coming. Another eight million doses of Sinopharm are pending, committed for September. The Chinese laboratory is having some difficulties in delivery because there was an outbreak of the Indian variant in China and the arrival of charter flights was restricted. The personnel who attend these planes are sent to quarantine for 10 days and the measure caused the cancellation of Lufthansa, American Airlines and Aerolineas Argentinas flights to Beijing to search for vaccines. Even so, between the Ministry of Health and Ambassador Sabino Vaca Narvaja they put together an emergency scheme based on regular flights. The strategy allows the arrival of vaccines, but produces a certain delay.


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