Republican Judge Jonathan G. Newell shot himself minutes before federal agents could arrest him for child exploitation

A judge of USA committed suicide last Friday before agents of the FBI enter his home to arrest him in the middle of a case for child abuse in which he was accused.

Jonathan G. Newell, 50-year-old was pronounced dead at 6:43 a.m. for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was a judge since 2016 and before that he was the chief prosecutor for Caroline County in Virginia for more than a decade. According to the prosecutors in the case, Federal agents were to take him into custody on charges of sexual exploitation of children.

The case was built on the complaint of a minor that Newell took on a hunting trip in Hoopers Island, who discovered a Hidden Camera in the bathroom of the cabin on July 23 and told his parents, they took the case to the police.

According to authorities, when investigators confronted the judge, it is believed that Newell he bit into and swallowed a memory card from a camera where there would be video footage of nude minors.

A Newell neighbor posted photos on Facebook saying the FBI was outside his home in Henderson, Maryland, asking him to come out on a loudspeaker. Neighbor Kimberly Keith told local media she heard flashes and what she believed to be gunshots. Then an ambulance arrived.

Authorities said Newell tried to destroy evidence by swallowing an SD card from the camera with which he would have filmed naked children.
Authorities said Newell tried to destroy evidence by swallowing an SD card from the camera with which he would have filmed naked children.

The parents of two children Newell took on the trip had hired attorneys, who issued a “no contact” request to Newell on Aug. 4. The letter quoted, “Information and belief … that [Newell] participated in criminal conduct ”.

During the investigation of the case, the judge was asked to stay away from the school of children and events associated with minors, he was warned that any contact would result in the parents reporting to the Maryland State Police a “Possible witness tampering.”

In the criminal complaint filed against Newell last Thursday, they reference FBI interviews with several youths who went to the judge’s hunting lodge, who said that while they were in the bathroom he checked their bodies for ticks.

“At least two of the children said they were naked when Newell checked them for ticks; one said that he moved his own genitals to make Newell look for ticks, and the other initially did not remember whether Newell touched his genitals, but later claimed that Newell moved the child’s genitalia once or twice to look for ticks. “ FBI Special Agent Rachel Corn wrote in the criminal complaint.

Authorities searched Newell’s house, truck, and court office, and located a hard drive in their studio that they said contained numerous videos of male boys showering.

Newell can be seen in the images that make up the camerasaid the FBI. In a video clip, he can be seen searching for ticks on the naked body of a young man.

When confronted with the authorities, Newell He denied having knowledge of a camera and asked if he could connect his phone to a charger in another room and make some calls. They saw him bend over several times, but believed he was holding the phone charger in an electrical outlet. Moments later, the investigator observed Newell’s right hand clench into a fist and saw him bring his fist to his mouth.

“The investigator heard a loud and distinguishable ‘crack’ in Newell’s mouth area. After another minute or two, the investigator heard the same ‘crack’ again in Newell’s mouth, followed by Newell immediately reaching for and drinking from a cup located on his dresser.the FBI wrote in the indictment documents.

They then took him to a hospital and obtained an order for a CT scan, which revealed that he was he had ingested a “foreign object”. The SD card from the camera discovered by the boy was missing, and the FBI believes Newell chewed it up and swallowed it.

Newell was not charged at the time.. Dorchester County State Attorney William H. Jones, whose office was one of multiple agencies involved in the case, told The Sun that the researchers moved “as fast as possible”.

Before being a judge, he served a decade as the top prosecutor in his county but apparently had a morbid fixation on children.
Before being a judge, he served a decade as the top prosecutor in his county but apparently had a morbid fixation on children.

“A lot of time, effort, and man-hours were invested in investigating this as quickly as possible with an attempt to resolve it.” Jones said. “There was a lot of evidence, and that evidence takes time to analyze.”

Newell, a Republican, has been the sole judge of the Caroline County Circuit Court, winning $ 174,433 year. The county, with a population of 33,000, also has an appointed family magistrate judge and civil case examiners.

He began his legal career as a public defender in 1999, then became the Kent County Deputy State Attorney. He held both positions for two years each. He was elected Caroline County State Attorney in 2003, a position he held until 2016, when the Governor Larry Hogan appointed him judge. He held that position in 2018 and was serving a 15-year term.

Keith, Newell’s neighbor, said her husband woke her around 6:10 a.m. and noticed police cars outside his neighbor’s house. He heard the FBI, over a loudspeaker, say: “Jonathan, come out, put your hands up.”

She said officers approached the door and she heard a loud knock followed by two loud knocks a few minutes later. “The next thing I knew, they were at the house,” said.

Keith said the rumors about the ongoing investigation were “well known around here”. Before the investigation, Keith said he found “very strangeNewell’s posts on Facebook.

“Everything he posted on Facebook was about children”, said.

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