A court of first instance of Madrid considers that the sister of the former president of El Corte Inglés, Isidoro Álvarez, is not legitimated to request that the adoption of Marta and Cristina Álvarez, adopted daughters of the late president . Both are the second shareholders with more power within the group after inheriting it for the death of Isidoro Álvarez in 2014.

One of them, Marta Álvarez, is who will become the non-executive president of the department stores, in the absence of the ratification of a shareholder meeting to be held in August. The change will take place more than a year after the board of directors terminated Dimas Gimeno (cousin of the Álvarez sisters) and appointed the executive president Jesús Nuño de la Rosa, who will initially repeat the position.

The controversial adoption that can change everything in The English Court

All these business movements have taken place in parallel to a family plot on which the judicial system has resolved this Wednesday. In September, the judge admitted to the proceedings a lawsuit filed by Maria Antonia Álvarez (sister of the deceased Isidoro Álvarez and mother of Dimas Gimeno) seeking the annulment of the adoption act of the two daughters of ' Isidoro Álvarez. Among other issues, the complainant questioned the existence of a process of previous coexistence (to adoption) required by law.

After listening to the parties in the pre-trial hearing, Judge María Dolores Fernández Alcalde has dictated an interlocutor in which he considers that the sister of the entrepreneur in question is not legitimized to exercise the nullity of the process of adoption The judge further adds that Maria Antonia Álvarez does not have rights as a heiress and that, therefore, although the adoption was legally affected after the complaint, "there would not be a possible modification of its legitimate". The reasoning is that "there is a proven succession" for which Isidoro Alvarez left his adoptive daughters as universal heirs.

The party affected by the sentence has already announced its intention to file an appeal before the Provincial Court of Madrid, "in order to assert its interests and rights".

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