“A huge problem for the Russian team. Zobnin lacks football culture “, Orlov reports about the midfielders – Football

Journalist Gennady Orlov expressed the opinion that the Russian national team lacks a high-quality holding midfielder.

“There is a danger that lies in wait for our team. This, of course, is Zobnin. The position of the defensive central midfielder. Barinov made a very good debut with us when he was healthy. But now Dmitry doesn’t play like that. And Cherchesov did not even let him out with the Poles, but Mukhina.

How to play against Belgian central striker Lukaku? He is powerful, tall, he cannot be pushed, he also runs fast. This means that the defensive midfielder should just guard him.

It is necessary for the second person to insure strongly and fight with him. Cherchesov did not replace Zobnin with the Poles – it means that there is nobody. This is a problem for our team.

At the World Championships, there was the same problem, and then Kuzyaev played in the support zone. Zobnin lacks the football culture that Zhirkov has: to take the ball cleanly, to make an accurate pass. He even jerks, keeps the pace, but how will it be next?

This is a huge problem for Cherchesov, the Russian national team and our entire football. Hey! Defensive midfielders, where are you? ” – said Orlov on the air of “Radio Zenith”.

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