A homophobic joke led Joy Huerta to discover that she was in love with Diana Atri

“I couldn’t anymore and I know it was mutual because when there is a vibe with someone that vibe is always felt between the two people… We don’t say that there is chemistry for nothing, because the chemistry is real, you have chemistry with another person and you feel that chemistry. I remember and I even feel the butterflies in my stomach, “he said.

Joy He said that he had never fallen in love with a woman before until he met Diana and confessed that his love for his current wife came as a surprise.

Happiness surrounds Joy Huerta, who celebrated her new ‘return to the sun’ alongside Diana Atri and Noah.
(Instagram/Joy Huerta)

The artist applauded that the new generations live without labels and mentioned that as she grew older she realized the privilege of being born in a generation that lives “in a more open way.” “I didn’t grow up seeing that taboo, even growing up in church,” she commented.

“When you think about it, you say: ‘What an infinity of opportunities life would give me.’ that their life would only be happy if someone else came along to make them happy,” she said.

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