A healthy drink that breaks down fat in 3 days…doctors recommend it

Many seek to get rid of the accumulated fat and excess weight, but they quickly retreat due to the effort it requires Weight loss From exercise and a certain diet and other compulsions.

Here it is reviewedEgyptian Light» A simple way to get rid of fat in just 3 days, read on to learn about it.

Nutrition experts reveal that the juice diet is an effective way to lose the largest amount of weight, it makes sense that a liquid diet will help you lose weight quickly.

What is the juice diet?

The juice diet is about converting everything you eat into juice in liquid form, by squeezing vegetables and fruits and eating them in liquid form.

A juice diet provides vitamins and antioxidants that are full of power from plants, but juice alone lacks some essential nutrients, including protein and a healthy amount of fat, according to eat this.

According to The Beet, eating food in the form of juice positively affects the balance of microorganisms in your gut, which make up microbiome Your gut (the group of beneficial microbes that live inside your gut) to turn it into healthy bacteria that feed on the vegetables, fruits, and fiber they contain.

a study

A 2017 study corroborated this finding. A team of UCLA nutrition researchers collected blood and stool samples from 20 healthy study participants before they began a 3-day juice diet, in which they consumed 1,300 calories of juice per day.

On the fourth day, the participants returned to their usual diet, and blood and stool samples were collected from each of them again on days fourteen and seventeen.

On the fourth day, the researchers noticed a significant decrease in weight and body mass index, with a significant decrease in types of bad bacteria in the stool, as well as some types of good bacteria, and this decrease continued until the seventeenth day.

Overall, the researchers emphasized that following a juice-based diet for 3 days alters the intestinal flora associated with weight loss, leading to weight loss.

Therefore, doctors advise you to eat the foods you want in the form of juice, with a maximum of 5 juices per day.