Francesco Fredella

Other than strategy: Anna caught by the cameras with Carlo. Where is it? Under the blankets. An ice shower for Andrea. Obviously all at Temptation Island, the reality show conducted by Filippo Bisciglia on Canale 5 and a champion of shares in the summer of 2020. Anna, we remember him, she is ten years older than her boyfriend and says to cling to the strategy of jealousy. She gets teased by Carlo (tempter) by shooting that Andrea decides to marry her. But he blurts out. He sees the images of his fiancée under the covers with Carlo and takes her badly. A few episodes ago he had even made the chairs fly. Now everything falls. And to make matters worse, she also calls him a “half man”. But to know how it will end you have to wait for the episode of July 30th.

Antonio?  Everything happens in the water: he humiliates his girlfriend Anna, and ends up out of favor in Temptation