A groom divorces his bride during intercourse with her.. You will not believe what he found on the bed and made him go crazy and run away (exciting details)

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You won’t believe why a couple broke up on the second day of their marriage! The story begins: the husband booked a room in a hotel or furnished apartment (it makes no difference) to spend some days and during intimate intercourse, if the husband smells very foul, and if he is upset (disgusted) to the point that he cannot complete the intercourse! .

And he said to himself, “Maybe I will give her a respite and ask her for an excuse, maybe the situation will change!” Hours later, and while the intercourse was resumed, the smell was full and his nose was thickening, and the husband became angry, and this time he could not start the intercourse and jumped out of the bed to escape the smell!? And his tongue: “This is during the honeymoon, so what will it be like in the following days”!? .

The wife noticed her husband’s resentment, scorn, and disgust with her, and she knew that he did not want her, and she also reciprocated him without disclosing it!? The dispute escalated between them and they divorced without telling her the reason, and the wife went to her family’s house, and she also did not want him! And if the husband stepped into the room in preparation for eviction, he lay down on the bed, contemplating and dragging the tails of disappointment. How did the divorce happen so quickly, and when he smelled the foul odor, he discovered, in shock, that one of the “pillows” was the source of the bad smell! He deeply regretted his action and his haste in taking the unfair divorce decision, and that he had wronged his wife and abused her, thinking that she was the source of the smell! .

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The husband decided to correct his mistake and communicated with his ex-wife, explaining to her what had happened in terms of confusion and mistrust and regretting her, and they returned to where the marriage lived..

Wait, the story is not over yet, there is a strange strange paradox, which is that the wife, too, thought that the stench came from her husband, and she also intended to separate from him!? .

I preferred to tell the story because of its implications and lessons that must be taken into consideration, as many people rush to judge the other and make unjust, unfair and perhaps humiliating decisions, and they quickly regret it, and sometimes they do not discover it until it is too late, and it may not be discovered at all! Hence the importance of openness and frankness between marriage, even if it seems shameful or embarrassing, in order to avoid doubt or confusion and its repercussions.



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