A girl with her husband and her lover on the wedding night and one apartment.. the end was disastrous and her head turned gray! (Details of what happened)

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I was in a relationship with a young man who loved him and loved me, but he was not able to come to my request from my family because of his financial circumstances. One day, a young man proposed to me, he resides in Dubai and owns a car company and he has a lot of money. He was a handsome young man, but when my family asked me, I refused to marry him and said I am not thinking now, unfortunately. They forced me to marry him, the engagement took place, and he loved me very much, but I could not respond to him. The important thing is that the wedding is near.

I was in constant contact with my beloved Salem, and we communicated on a daily basis via WhatsApp, and he and I agreed to tell my fiancé that I love another young man, and what is happening happens because I cannot live without Salem, and the day before the wedding date, I asked to see my fiancé Khaled in Cafeteria and I told him I would like to talk to you about an important topic. I told him everything And it was only for him that he told me that the wedding will take place and on the night of the wedding, what you want will happen. I said: How did I not understand? He said, “Let us complete the wedding well and you will know afterwards.”

The important thing is that the wedding took place and we went to the hotel and Salem had booked the room next to us without my husband’s knowledge. My husband came out of the bathroom and said to me where is your lover to come and take you I was dumbfounded by what he said how he takes me and I am your wife, so he said I divorce you and you go with him.

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And the matter remains secret for eight months, so that no one doubts your honor. If they knew that I divorced you now, they would doubt you, and there were many problems for you. He was speaking the right words, but I felt sad. He looked him in the eyes of my husband. The two were silent and shocked. Then they said together: You said what is going on. Do you know each other? Have you met before? They were silent again.

My husband said to Salem, I sit down, put his hand on his head and knock on the ground as if he was ashamed, and after a long silence, my husband said to Salem, “You really do condemn me. I took care of her and after a while I learned that she had died in a traffic accident and I said her secret had gone with her but after a few days her brother Salem called me and she had told him everything and told me that God would not waste her right.

And I did not expect that the day would come when she would take back her right in this way. May God testify that I loved you, adored you, and clung to you so much. My heart is with the one I loved as I broke the heart of the one who loved me and he divorced me and said that he would tell everyone that he was the reason for the divorce and he would say that I found out that he was doing something forbidden and I asked for a divorce and thus no one blames me and does not doubt me.

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And he left and left and here I am today living with the person I loved so that justice can be achieved as you condemn.



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