At one point, as explained to Cadena 3, the commissioner Diego Cambronero, the family lost sight of the little boy and began looking for him with the help of other people.

Shortly after, the boy was found submerged in the river, for which he was rescued and assisted by emergency service personnel, although after several resuscitation tasks his death was confirmed.

“In that area, more or less for knowledge, it has no greater depth “added the commissioner about the place where the child drowned and where they will make expertises.

“Rivers are the most deceptive places for minors, do not lose your gaze, “warned the head of the Santa María department.

The other event occurred at an address in the town of Alejandro Roca, in the department Juárez Celman, when shortly before 7:30 p.m. a girl who was transferred to the local hospital lost her life after fall into a pool.

The baby -of 1 year and 10 months- had been transferred from a house on Intendente Lionel Dichiara street to 400, in that town, after falling into the pool, and the doctors confirmed his death by asphyxia by immersion.

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