A former Renault takes control of Opel

Michael Lohscheller leaves the helm to another leader at the head of Opel. The (giant) CEO is stepping down after four years, in a term marked by the takeover of Opel by PSA. His successor is already known: he is the boss of Renault Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Uwe Hochgeschurtz.

The 58-year-old manager has just left the Renault group, after five years at the diamond in the German subsidiary. The task will be difficult for the person concerned who will have to manage the electrical transformation of Opel, announced for the end of the decade, and already initiated by Lohscheller under the aegis of Stellantis. It has now been two years since Opel returned to profitability, notably thanks to the sharing of PSA platforms and technologies.

Lohscheller is not retiring, however, as he leaves for another manufacturer, although his name is not yet known. At Renault, Hochgeschurtz’s successor is not known either.

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