Eddie Newton, who is in charge of the loaned players at Chelsea previously, revealed the reason for the failure of the Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, the current Liverpool player, and Kevin De Bruyne, the Manchester City star, when the two were among the Blues before they glowed in the Premier League and topped the football scene there.

“Football fans do not forget, and there are still many who remember the time of Mohamed Salah and Kevin De Bruyne at Chelsea, when Jose Mourinho decided not to rely on them before the two players left Stamford Bridge to become the stars of today,” Eddie Newton told Global Goal. .

Newton added: “I think the problem of Salah and De Bruyne has nothing to do with their talent, they clashed against Mourinho’s arrogance, they did not perform at the time..

“I think they were good enough,” Newton stressed, “but it was Mourinho who didn’t come to terms with them, and it would never work.”

In a related context, the brilliance of the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, was directly reflected in his price in the fantasy game of the English Premier League, which is of great interest to fans of the round witch..

The English Premier League Fantasy game sets virtual prices for each player, and changes up or down according to his level in official matches..

The Egyptian Mohamed Salah is considered the most expensive player in the fantasy game of the English Premier League, with a price of 13 million pounds, and Salah is the player who scored the most points in the first 7 rounds of the current edition of the English Premier League, with 70 points..

Behind him, the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City star, comes in second place among the most expensive Arab stars in the game, and its current price is 8.7 million pounds, knowing that he scored 14 points..

While the Moroccan international Hakim Ziyech, the Chelsea star, ranks third among the Arab stars, with a value of 7.3 million pounds, after scoring 4 points..

In the Algerian fourth place comes Said Benrahma, West Ham United star, with a value of 6.6 million pounds, after he scored 44 points.

While the Egyptian Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet”, the star of Aston Villa, occupies fifth place, with a price of up to 5.4 million pounds, knowing that he has not played since the beginning of the current season due to injury..


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