a first suspected case detected in Ile-de-France

Public Health France announced that a first suspected case of monkey pox had been detected in Île-de-France on Thursday, without revealing more about the patient concerned.

A first in France. This Thursday, Public Health France revealed in a document sent to health professionals that a first suspected case of monkeypox had been detected in Île-de-France. However, no other information has been released on the patient, while the number of patients with this pathology in the world has recently increased at an unusual rate.

Further analyzes must still be carried out to confirm that this is indeed the first case on French soil. For this, Public Health France explains that a qPCR or RT-PCR test must be carried out for the monkeypox virus, the MKP virus. The institution also adds that a suspected case is a patient with a fever above 38°C followed by “a vesicular eruption”, pneumonia or encephalitis without an identified cause.

Note that between confirmed cases and suspected cases, an intermediate level exists: probable cases. If there have not yet been any in France, these are people who have the symptoms mentioned above, but who have also been in contact with confirmed patients, or other probable cases.

A European report in the coming days

Public Health France asks suspected cases to remain isolated at home, and specifies that those who present a serious clinical form must be hospitalized.

Since the beginning of May, several dozen cases have been identified in Europe. The United Kingdom has warned that all of the sick were men who had sex with other men.

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It should be noted that the disease has been known since the 1970s, and that it circulates mainly in the Congo River basin, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Cameroon and in Nigeria. However, a good part of the cases identified in recent days have not made recent trips to these regions.

In this context, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is to publish a risk assessment report in the coming days.



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