Liam Taylor, 25, from Darlington, UK, waited three years for a heart transplant. After complications, the young man died as a result of the operation to transplant a pacemaker, reports TeessideLive.

According to TeessideLive, he suffered from a number of health conditions and had undergone countless operations. Fighter, Liam, never complained.

Mourning relatives

Liam Taylor’s family paid tribute to this funny, brave and kind son and brother who they said was always laughing. “He was so funny, he laughed at everything. He was quite calm, gentle and well behaved. He was more worried about upsetting me than worrying about himself, ”says his mother, Sarah.

“He ordered new sneakers, they arrived after his death,” she added. “We opened them and he had ‘new heart, new me’ engraved on them.”

His mother Sarah Taylor said it was “so cruel” that Liam lost his life after finally reaching the end of his ordeal.

Three years of waiting

About three years ago, the young man fell ill after contracting a cold. He was then transported to Freeman’s Hospital in Newcastle where he suffered cardiac arrest. Equipped with a left ventricular assist device, which he lived with for a year, he still continued to have blood clots. It was then decided that Liam needed a heart transplant and he was added to the emergency list.

But four months later, Liam suffered a ruptured bowel that required another operation, and it took at least six months to recover. “He finally received a heart on September 1 and everything went very well, he came home on September 24,” his mom told TeessideLive.

An operation that turns into a drama

“But then he said he was really not doing well, so we took him to the hospital and brought him back to Newcastle.” Over the phone, Liam told his mother that he was going to have an operation to put in a pacemaker, after doctors discovered a problem with his heart rhythm.

But during the procedure, Liam suffered “massive cardiac arrest” and tragically died.

Today, the family is fundraising for the hospital department that looked after him and is encouraging as many people as possible to sign up to be a donor.

Beth Taylor, Liam’s sister, added, “Although Liam had complications from his heart transplant, we would still like to encourage people to consider becoming donors themselves, as it gives people like my brother the possibility of continuing to live ”.

The family – including Liam’s siblings, Jack, Daniel, Beth, George, Louise and stepfather Paul Hawkeswood – have been inundated with messages of support as friends share stories and pay homage to Liam.


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