a few minutes before, she was filmed playing with her sister

On July 28, at the end of the afternoon, Lilia and her sister were playing in the street just in front of the café where their mother, Tina, worked. Although Tina watches them from the café, a moment of inattention was enough for Lilia to be the victim of a knife attack in the middle of the street. Despite the rapid intervention of emergency services, the granddaughter did not survive.

As revealed by The Sun, a suspect has been arrested and charged with the murder. It would be a man of Lithuanian origin who worked as a fruit picker in the street. The man appeared in court on Monday and spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address. He was then remanded in custody.

On the CCTV images, revealed Thursday by the English channel ITV News, we can see the granddaughter ten minutes before the attack. She then plays happily in the street with her sister. Moments later, police officers and paramedics can be seen rushing towards the little girl. Several passers-by then notice that something is happening and approach the scene of the tragedy. An officer then takes charge of keeping them as far away from the scene as possible.

Since this tragedy, Lilia’s family has been forced into hiding, fearing that they too will be the victim of an attack. “The family is so worried,” a close family friend told The Sun. “They can no longer stay at home. They’re so worried that whoever did this is still out there. They are afraid of being targets in turn. It’s just horrible: they have to deal with the loss of Lilia and at the same time they feel the need to protect their other granddaughter”.

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