A fanart of Samuel L. Jackson as Piccolo. We are happy? We are happy!

Have you ever imagined what a version of Dragon Ball would be like in real action? It would probably be the beginning of a nightmare, but since you never know where Hollywood could take us with its passion for turning everything into movies with real actors, what better than choosing a cast that goes perfectly.

That is what the artist SamukArts must have thought when decided to turn the legendary Samuel L. Jackson into Piccolo, one of the key characters in the Dragon Ball saga. And we don’t know if it’s because of that green shade that suits her so well, or because Samuel L. Jackson seems to fit in well with everything, but it could be said that she is a more than acceptable Piccolo.

If there really comes a time when you decide to do a live-action version of Dragon Ball with Jackson as the hero turned villain, it would be one more notch in the long career of the actor who has gone through all the great sagasfrom Star Wars to the UCM, participating in between in classic films directed by the great Quentin Tarantino.

An iconic race for which at this year’s Oscars ceremony he received an award for his entire careerconfirming once again that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the great actors in Hollywood, and that his only nomination for the golden statuette came with Pulp Fiction but finally the award went to Martin Landau.

Are superhero movies “less cinema”? Samuel L. Jackson has a fucking answer

Nick Fury - Samuel L Jackson

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However, the lack of recognition of his career by the Hollywood Academy has never been a problem for him. this actor who has almost created a category of his own for the films in which he participates. Well, as Jackson explained in an interview, he knows that people go to the movies to see him “do crazy things and say” motherfucker “hundreds of times.”

Currently, Samuel L. Jackson is working on the Secret Invasion series from Marvel at the same time that The Marvels movie ends, also for the UCM.



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