A famous astronomer shocks millions of Egyptians and reveals the real reason behind the killing of the Mansoura student!! What she said does not cross the minds of humans!

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For an unimaginable reason, the energy expert, Dr. Maha Al-Attar gave a new resounding surprise about the real reason behind the killing of the student, Naira Ashraf, the girl of Mansoura University, confirming that the painting “The Crazy Lover” was the reason.

Al-Attar published a photo of Naira Ashraf, which was circulated by social media pioneers recently after her death, in which she stands in front of a famous painting entitled “The Crazy Lover” and attached it to a comment: “This is a picture of Naira, a student at Mansoura University, who was putting a picture of her with the painting of the pastoral autumn or the lover.” The madman, as they call her Facebook page.

And she continued: “The painting of the mad lover represents a person who feeds his lover before killing her. Of course, the energy of the image is bad and reflected on its owner. It had signs of the appearance of a really crazy lover. And he harassed her for two years. He loves her madly, but he did not take any action against him.” She added, according to Al-Wafd newspaper: “Instead of paying attention to the energy of the image, or one of her family or friends, the story was completed with her death at the hands of the crazy lover. Not only that, but she took the same position as the image when she fell!!”, follow-up: “She went bright because of the energy of her image.” .. She went away because she did not know the image card .. May God have mercy on her.”

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Al-Attar added: “I did not want to write on this subject, but the event shook Egypt and the warning had to be repeated.. The energy of the image is like magic that affects its owner with good and evil.. Every day there are messages about people who have finished because of the energy of their image.. Beware an image.” Wings..beware the cake picture..beware the cartoon picture..beware the evil pictures.

She concluded by saying: “Dissemination of information means saving a life.. May God protect you and your loved ones.. Dr. Maha Al-Attar, the Queen of Energy.”



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