A famous artist described her colleagues as (without origin and honor) .. and she shamelessly admits the concessions she made to directors and producers!

Toulin Al Bakri is one of the stars of Syria who managed to present many important dramas.

The artist had previously stated that she had suffered from a health problem, and it became clear from the news that she had suffered from a difficult-to-treat mental illness, bipolar disorder.

The artist, Tolin Al-Bakri, presented dozens of Syrian series, but the news of her personal life always overshadowed her artistic news. She married twice, the second marriage was secret, then she got engaged to a Syrian businessman, then the matter ended in separation.

A few months ago, the Syrian artist, Tolin Al-Bakri, attacked her fellow artists in the artistic community, stressing that there are people without origin and honor and do not deserve what they have reached.

And through a lengthy post, in which Al-Bakri said that she gave a lot to her colleagues, but she received nothing but ingratitude and denial from them.

She said, “The lack of origin, why can’t we feed it with our human relations!! I mean, there are people who eat, drink, and sleep with aid for many years, and in the end, suddenly, the first party carries a bucket of water and stoops to the ground all these ten days.

Tolin Al-Bakri revealed the concessions she makes to directors and producers in the Syrian artistic community.

And she said, “I am an actress, and a director asks me to stop doing something with him or his beginnings, and I would love to stop with him and give up my financial wages and my name on the badge, and I don’t put any conditions.”

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Toleen Al-Bakry confirmed that this was only “because he was competent, and in the end, the director, Bensa or Betnassa, after it became known that one day I was authentic with him..!!




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