A famous artist confesses without shame.. I slept with Adel Imam more than my husband, and this is what he did to me in the pool and it hurt me so badly that I couldn’t stand it!

The Miracle Child.. the icon of Egyptian cinema.. the beautiful screen.. Nicknames given by critics and the public to the star Lebleba, as well as many other nicknames.

Lebleba was born on November 14, 1946, in Cairo. Her real name is Nyuchka Manouk Kopelian, and Abu Al-Saud Al-Ebiari called her “Lebleba”.

The beginning of her artistic career when she was 5 years old, by imitating the voices of artists and celebrities, performing childhood songs, and participating in the championship of 6 films, the most important of which are: Habibi Soso, directed by Niazi Mustafa.

Who discovered her, and participated in the films: The Happy Home directed by Hussein Sidqi, Four Girls and an Officer, directed by Anwar Wagdy, so critics and the public called her “the miracle girl”.

In her teens, her participation expanded and her roles diversified, but she was content with emotional enjoyment with a single person, unlike the rest of her fellow artists, some of whom had 15 marriages.


The beautiful Lebleba married the artist, Hassan Youssef, at the age of 17, and their marriage lasted for 7 years, and then they separated because of one of her daring movie scenes.

Despite the beauty of Lebleba, who made many artists and prominent personalities ask for her hand in marriage after her separation from Hassan Youssef, she refused to associate with any of them after him, although Hassan married after their separation.

Lebleba said that the reason for her divorce was one of the scenes in the movie “Bint Badia”, which involved the artist Hussein Fahmy kissing her, and after the insistence of the late director Hassan Al-Imam to film this scene, she called her husband, Hassan Youssef, and told him what happened.

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who in turn refused this matter completely, but she broke it after intense pressure from the director on her, which caused her husband to become angry and separated after a few months of the film’s release.

During her artistic career, the great artist Lebleba presented many works, including: “The Devils on Vacation”, “Girls and Mercedes”, “Something of Love”, “Beware of Men, Mama”, “Al-Sukaria”, “Birth of Ya Dunya” and “Fi Summer we must love” and “music is in danger”.



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