A daily salad dish .. What does it do to the body?

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Thursday 02 June 2022

I wrote- Amira Helmy:

Whether you are looking to boost your immunity, lose weight, improve your diet or simply lead a healthy lifestyle, salads can be your best friend, livestrong says, as it contains:

– green leafy vegetables

Containing a powerful array of nutrients on their own, each type of green leaf offers different health benefits, and they are all low in calories and packed with fiber, which means you’ll fill your stomach with fewer calories, and fiber also improves digestive health.

Green lettuce, kale or spinach are loaded with vitamins A, C, E and K, while bok choy and mustard greens also provide several B vitamins. This combination of vitamins supports the immune system, protects the bones and keeps the cardiovascular system healthy.

– Feed add-ons

Most vegetables contain only 25 calories per 1/2 cup and are packed with vitamins and minerals, since the color of the vegetable often indicates its health benefits.

Try to have a rainbow of colors in salads, such as broccoli, as it promotes eye health and may prevent cancer, and there is the antioxidant lycopene, which reduces the risk of heart disease.

And in red vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes and peppers. Get a healthy dose of immune-boosting vitamin C with yellow vegetables like yellow peppers.

Sweet potatoes, carrots, and other orange vegetables also provide beta-carotene, which benefits the immune system, eyesight, and skin.

Muscle building proteins

If salad is the main dish of your meal, don’t forget protein. Protein provides amino acids, the building blocks for the body’s bones, muscles and cartilage. It is also vital for the synthesis of enzymes and hormones. Skinless chicken or turkey breast, light tuna or salmon are excellent options, and if you’re a vegetarian, stick to beans, legumes, or egg whites for a punch of protein.

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– healthy fats

A little bit of healthy fat helps your body absorb the nutrients in the salad. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should marinate your salad with creamy, fat-laden dressings. Instead, choose a drizzle of olive oil and a handful of olives, sunflower seeds, almonds, or walnuts.

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