A Cuban from Florida wins a six-figure prize in the recent Mega Millions drawing


The results specify that five people in the Orange State won millionaire prizes

A Cuban from Florida wins a six-figure prize in the recent Mega Millions drawing

A Cuban is part of the five winners of millionaire figures in the Mega Millions draw. (Illustrative photo: Cuban Newspaper)

A Cuban resident in Florida is one of the winners of the secondary prizes of the last Mega Millions draw, which accumulated 1,337 million dollars, the second highest figure in the history of this lottery game.

The results indicate that five citizens of the Orange State got six-figure prizes.

According to the Florida Lottery, two people won a million dollars each, and the other three matched the sequence of numbers to reach three million dollars.

A video released on social networks shows the Antillean surrounded by several people while the number is read and later the celebration between shouts and hugs in a parking lot.

“Millionaire, millionaire, millionaire!” They yelled at the winner as he walked around trying to assimilate his lucky break.

In the comments it is mentioned that this man only did not hit the well-known ‘ball of fire’ and therefore he was left with an amount of one million dollars, which, by reducing taxes, will be approximately 700 thousand.

“Congratulations, I am glad that the winner is a Cuban, think very slowly about multiplying your fortune, so that you can help your family and grow your prize, you were the lucky one among thousands of people,” said user Eiriz Viamonte.

Another person told him “congratulations, enjoy it brother, you deserve it, in Cuba you would never have been a millionaire because of the evil laws of the government.”

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Some Internet users, as a joke, told him to invest the money buying a house in Marianao, Havana. This is with reference to a criticized report on Cuban television, where it was said that this city is a ‘paradise’, but in reality it is experiencing multiple problems like any other Cuban town due to the economic crisis and shortages.

The first prize winner is a Chicago residentwho hit the numbers 13-36-45-57-67 with a 14 Mega Ball.

The Mega Millions lottery is played by selecting a sequence of six double digit numbers each and depending on the number of hits is the amount of prize money.

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