A Crescendo Week… to Jackson Hole!, Don’t miss tomorrow

The week will start very gently in anticipation of the Jackson Hole Symposium on Friday, with the highly anticipated speech by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell.

A Crescendo Week… to Jackson Hole! | Photo credits: Marci / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The week starts gently on Monday. Enough to allow operators to prepare for the long-awaited Jackson Hole symposium, with a key day this Friday, August 26. The meeting, organized by the Kansas City Fed, will, like every year, bring together all the major fundraisers on the planet. Central bankers, finance ministers, academics or stakeholders in the financial market will discuss the most important economic issues of the moment.

The intervention of Jerome Powell will be particularly scrutinized: some believe that the president of the Fed may use the opportunity to harden the tone of the institution’s monetary policy. For certainty, we will have to wait for the September meeting of the monetary policy committee. Its members will be able to take into account the publications of inflation and employment figures for the month of August before delivering their verdict.

On Monday, we will content ourselves with the national activity index of the Federal Reserve Board of Chicago, which came out at -0.19 points for the month of June.


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