From the institutional articulation, professors from the UNT Faculty of Medicine will dictate a 60-hour training program, divided into blended modules, which will contain, among other topics, Primary Health Care; Gender; Disability; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Problematic use of psychoactive substances; and basic elements of Social Security Management.

After the signing of the agreement, the opening ceremony of the course was held and the first class began in the auditorium of the faculty, with the presence of 40 students and the participation of another 300 virtually.

In addition to Juan Manuel Vila and Dean Demetrio Mateo Martínez, the operative director of El Estado en tu barrio, Viviana Cappelletti; and the secretary of student affairs of the medical school, Hernán Romano. Also present were the provincial head of El Estado in your neighborhood, Vanesa Romero; and the coordinator CDR of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, Luciano Chincarini.

Demetrio Mateo Martínez stressed that future promoters “are going to interact with the communities seeking to improve their level of alert, so that they are more alerted and informed about how to proceed in the event of health events.” In addition, he affirmed that the faculty “is not giving away anything, but giving back to society the fruit of public education.” For his part, Juan Manuel Vila stressed that the articulation with the medical school “will contribute to bring health closer to the popular neighborhoods of the country, to continue putting Argentina on its feet.”


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