As usual, the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was widely criticized for the crises that haunt him, one after the other, the latest of which is the video crisis of the reservation of his money.

Consultant Psychiatrist Ibrahim Magdy, via FilFan, analyzed the crises of Muhammad Ramadan and gave him Roshta tips to get rid of them and reach the universality that he wants to reach, which we will monitor in the following points:

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– He has social stupidity and lacks a professional team to manage his behavior and talent. He has talent, but it is not enough, and his behavior is immature and he cannot measure the reaction around him.

– Muhammad Ramadan was satisfied with a certain group of the audience, which is from 15 to 20 years old, and this segment is gradually decreasing because of his actions. As a star, he must take care of all classes. We have the example of the leader, Adel Imam, the rich and the poor watching him.

– His actions affected his work and success, so we feel the difference with his great success with the “Prince” series in Ramadan 2020 and the “Mousa” series this year, so no one felt the series.

– He is interested in making the controversial case only and seeks, as he is a star and is interested in the trend, not the other way around to be a trend because of the success of his business

– He lacks an economic and media advisor and a work team to reach the universality he seeks, such as the artist Omar Sharif, who has reached universality because of his use of consultants from France, Italy, Spain and England. It is not correct to say that you are global without languages ​​and economic thought.

– Muhammad Ramadan will end if he confines himself to the videos that he publishes on social networking sites in order to gain high views in order to make profits from them.

– He needs a psychological consultant to psychologically rehabilitate him, such as world stars such as the Liverpool star, the Egyptian national team, Mohamed Salah, and the great artist Ahmed Zaki, as well as to have a group of intellectuals next to him.

It is worth noting that Muhammad Ramadan appeared in a video on his account on the social networking site Instagram, and said that he received a phone call from a bank employee telling him that the state had reserved his money, and Ramadan followed the matter that all his money to the Egyptian state and that he had twice the money in his home.

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