A connected woman takes off the dress of shyness: (Josie is in love with me and does this act after the relationship, what should I do)?.. An earthquake response from Farouk’s prayer that shocked the artistic community and shocked Sheikh Ramadan.!!

A young caller surprised the Egyptian media, Doaa Farouk, with an embarrassing question about what happened after the intimate relationship between her and her husband.

A question was asked to the program “Ask with Doaa” broadcast on the “Al-Hayat” satellite channel, from a caller saying: My husband, after the marital relationship, does not purify himself and refuses to take a shower. I want to know if I am guilty of this matter?

The journalist, Duaa Ramadan, burst out laughing and asked the caller, “He usually takes a bath.” Sheikh Ramdam laughed, and the questioner replied, “Oh, but after the topic, I don’t want to bathe.”

Sheikh Ramadan Abdul Razzaq replied, saying: How do I pray? The caller replied that her husband does not pray, so the sheikh said: The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, said (Purity is half of faith), meaning regardless of impurity, if a person is not next to this purification is half of faith. You have the best and the best kind is the water.

He added: He is such a sinner. If he does not perform ablution and does not perform the right of God, then he is a sinner. What about after leaving the prayer, which is the mainstay of this religion, the covenant between us and them prayer, so whoever abandons it has committed disbelief? You are not responsible. You are only offering the invitation.

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