A cleaner seduced him with indecent videos.. A young man insulted a 3-year-old girl, and the end was horrific and shocked the Egyptians!

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The North Giza Prosecution ordered that the brother of the owner of an educational center, who was accused of sexually assaulting a 3-year-old girl, be presented inside the center to a psychiatric hospital to determine the health of his illness or not.

The Public Prosecution Office in Giza also listened to the statements of the owner of the center and said that the girl’s mother holds the nationality of an Arab country, and she works for her in the center as a French language teacher, and she treated her well, giving her a high salary because she is divorced and takes care of two children.

In her statements before the Giza Prosecution, she added: Her brother is sick and was treated in hospitals.. “He has atrophy in the brain and is treated and his mind is the mind of children, and she also confirmed in her statements that she has papers to prove this, and that he is sick since childhood, as she used to take him with her to the center to sit with her, Because no one takes care of him at home.”

The owner of the center explained that she expelled the worker because of her inefficiency at work, and she was helping her sick brother to watch sex videos, and she tried to make him do what he saw with the girl and his picture and kept the video in order to blackmail her, and through the videos she was able to send a threat to expose the matter in case she did not return to work, and she was accepted Her attempt failed and she blocked her way, so she sent the video to the child’s mother.

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He said that the worker exposed the sinful act of the accused in defiance of his sister, and sent a video clip that she obtained from his phone, in which the accused appears to violate the girl’s honor, taking advantage of her presence away from her mother, who is studying a foreign subject in the educational center.

The investigations of the sexual assault of a child inside an educational center in Giza

And the General Administration of Giza Investigation arrested a young man suffering from “mental disorders and brain atrophy”, accused of harassment and indecent assault of a girl in the Agouza area.

The Agouza Police Department had received a report that a 3-year-old girl named “Sarah” had been molested and sexually assaulted, and with that, the video was monitored on the social networking site “Facebook”, and a security force immediately moved to the scene of the incident.

The detectives were able to arrest the accused and it was found that he suffers from an organic disease “mental disorders and brain atrophy”, and the accused was taken to the office of the department.

A report of the incident was released and the Public Prosecution office in Giza investigated.



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