A circular has been sent from the Ministry of Interior with 81: It will be made over the 11-digit TR ID number!

A circular has been sent from the Ministry of Interior with 81: It will be made over the 11-digit TR ID number!

A circular with 81 was sent by the Ministry of Interior. The Ministry sent a circular on ‘Return Procedures and Travel Expenses Payments of Disaster Victims’ to 81 provincial governors regarding the travel expenses of the earthquake victims. Accordingly, travel expenses can be collected with the application to be made for evacuation and returns.

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular concerning the victims. In the circular, it was stated that the processes of meeting the evacuation demands of those who want to return from other provinces to the disaster area, from the disaster area to other cities where they live temporarily, from the disaster area to the disaster area continue uninterrupted.

In this context;

The units previously established within the Governorship/District Governorate will continue to operate in order to meet the return and travel expenses of the disaster-stricken citizens. In case of need, support will be provided in terms of technical equipment and personnel. Address and contact information of the determined evacuation information and application points will be shared via the Governor’s/District Governor’s internet and social media accounts.


Earthquake victims who request a Road Expense Document will be able to log in to the system at the address “. The ticket fees of the disaster victims who apply to the application points for evacuation and returns will also be covered. If the victims who buy tickets with their own means demand, the ticket fees will be paid, and the payments to be made will be made through the TR Identity Numbers of the earthquake victims.

Necessary facilities will be provided to the disaster victims who reach the centers in the disaster area without being able to apply to the evacuation information and application points in the exit provinces, and their travel expenses will be covered upon their request. At the transportation point of the citizens who apply to the evacuation and application centers established on a 24/7 working basis, all necessary facilities and conveniences will be carried out uninterruptedly, as was done before, with appropriate vehicles.

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