A Chevrolet Corsa raced against a Ferrari 488 Pista in the quarter mile and the result will surprise you

A Corsa was encouraged to a Ferrari and this happened …

If you thought that a Chevrolet Corsa could never beat a Ferrari 488 Pista an acceleration race, you were wrong.. And if you don’t believe us, hit the video above and you can check it out. Yes, a Corsa dueled a beast from Maranello and was victorious.

Be careful: the Corsa is not just any Corsita. It is a creation of the English mechanic Adam Beard, who bought the model ten years ago for the modest sum of 1,300 euros in England, where it is marketed by the Vauxhall brand, and then put his hand on it and exceed a thousand horsepower. The detail: it has two engines.

Beard considers himself a “self-taught” and ensures that all the mechanisms of the vehicle were adjusted on his own, at the same time that he worked as a window cleaner in a company.

He assures that the idea of ​​installing two engines arose so that the vehicle has traction on both axles. Thus, one of the motors sends the force towards the front wheels and the other, towards the rear wheels. And the system allows you to disconnect and connect it at the request of the driver, who can choose between front, rear and integral traction.

The gamble was big, as Beard He put two Vauxhall 2.0 DOHC gasoline engines with 608 horsepower each. This means that the total power of the vehicle exceeds 1200 donkeys, a really brutal figure for such a small vehicle. The box is a six-speed manual, also installed by Adam.

On the other hand, the Ferrari 488 Pista is presented as it left the factory. And it does not need any touch-ups, since it alone produces 710 horsepower thanks to a 3.8 V8 twin-turbo gasoline engine, with a seven-speed automatic transmission and double clutch.

In the video produced by the YouTube channel called Driven, there are a first roll with a stopped game. And there the Ferrari won, with 11 seconds to complete the 400 meters versus 11.9 seconds for the Corsa, with good performance despite the defeat.

The second run was with moving game, more precisely at 64 kilometers per hour, and there things changed. The Corsa nailed 7.2 seconds for the 400 meters and beat the 488 Track by 0.3 seconds.

They then did a braking test, in which of course the Ferrari won by several meters. Thus, we can say that the 488 Track stayed with this duel by 2 to 1, but nobody takes away the dance from the modified Corsita.


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