A Cedear that was severely punished could now grow by 60%

PayPal, the digital payments company co-founded by billionaire Elon Musk, has been hit hard of late. From the historical maximum reached in mid-2021 to the present, its shares fell about 77%. Nevertheless, Wells Fargo is optimistic about its future.

Specifically, the analyst Jeff Cantwell reiterated its overweight recommendation and determined the target price of its shares at USD 115. Considering the current price of around USD 72, the projection would suppose a increase of almost 60%.

In any case, the expert commented that the company is going through multiple challengeshighlighting its potential decline in market share in the field of online payments due to fierce competition and lack of own innovation.

Due, earnings per share for the next year is expected to be around -$4.78while the sustainable growth of this ratio in the long term could lose 20% or more annually.

Nevertheless, Hans Albrechtportfolio manager at Horizons ETF Management, said that “PayPal’s story remains very strong in the long run”. Furthermore, he added that “at some point the tide will turn as valuations start to look very interesting”. Currently, PayPal has a P/E ratio of just under 24xwhen it reached 98 times in May 2020 and 43 times in 2015.

Invest in PayPal from Argentina

For those interested in take advantage of the long-term potential of PayPalall you have to do is open a principal account in a stock company regulated by the National Securities Commission, such as Bull Market Brokers, a free process that will not take more than five minutes, and, after depositing the desired funds, acquire Cedears.

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The Argentine Cedears or Certificates of Deposit are instruments that are equivalent to buying the underlying stock listed abroad (NASDAQ: PYPL), but they can be operated in pesos (BCBA: PYPL) and follow the evolution of the CCL dollar, so they allow avoid the Argentine risk and, at the same time, hedge against a possible exchange rate jump.



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