This week Mike Tyson He drove the world crazy after it was confirmed that he will carry out an exhibition combat in front of Roy Jones next September 12. However, George Foreman, a boxing legend, said he feared for the two fighters.

The American is considered one of the boxers with the toughest punch in boxing history. In turn, he has the record of having been the oldest Heavy World Champion in history since he was consecrated at 45 years old.

Forman fears for Tyson and Jones’ health. (Getty)

Because of this, Foreman is the authorized voice to speak about the combat they will carry out Tyson and Our. As reported by TMZ, the former boxer said it may be a wonderful thing but he fears for the health of both.

“But it must be something fun, I hope one does not harm the other. I would just tell them that it is really dangerous, you cannot convince them not to. They will not listen. Even someone like me, in the past, only saw what I wanted to see”, expressed the former world champion.

By last, George Foreman I emphasize that there comes a time in life where you have to worry about the greeting, but expressed that it is a wonderful thing that they return.

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