The United Nations, through the special envoy to Mozambique, laments the death of the leader of the self-proclaimed Renamo Military Junta, Mariano Nhongo, in Djovo, Cheringoma district in Sofala province, during a firefight with the Defense Forces and security.

Mirko Manzoni recognizes considerable attempts to reach a dialogue through peaceful means with Mariano Nhongo, whether by the United Nations government itself, and have always been unsuccessful.

“Opportunities to use dialogue instead of violence have been repeatedly opened up, however these have proved fruitless, for more than two years we have been seeking to establish relations with Nhongo and we have actively encouraged him to return to the process of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration ( DDR)’, arising from the 2019 peace agreement between Frelimo and Renamo, the opposition, said Manzoni.

The source recalls that some members of the self-proclaimed Renamo Military Junta responded positively to the appeals that were part of the DDR process and today are leading their lives in peace in the places chosen by them.

“Following the solid progress made to date in this process (DDR) and the recent defection of key members of the Junta, we hoped that the situation would be resolved peacefully,” said Mirko Manzoni, who reiterates his commitment to support efforts aimed at to a definitive peace in Mozambique and calls on the remaining members of the Military Junta to join the DDR process.


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