The leader of the self-proclaimed Renamo Military Junta, Mariano Nyongo, was shot down by the Defense and Security Forces in the Djovo woods in Cheringoma district in Sofala province.

The General Commander of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique called the press to officially announce the death of the man who had been wanted for a long time because he had been carrying out armed robberies and victimized in the central region of Mozambique, particularly in the provinces of der Sofala, Manica and Tete .

Bernardino Rafael, said that in addition to Mariano Nyongo, one of his direct followers only identified by the name of Ngau Kama was also killed during the exchange of fire. pistol, 96 bullets and an AK47 machine gun.

“The death of the two leaders of the Renamo Military Junta happened after intense fighting in the woods of Cheringoma in Sofala province where a part of the members of that group are hiding, we are currently preparing to hand over the bodies to the family” , said the General Commander, Bernardino Rafael.

Rafael highlighted that the Mozambican Defense Forces did everything to get Mariano Nyongo out of the woods alive, but there was always resistance from him and his followers.

The source recalled that several times the President of the Republic called on the group led by Mariano Nyongo to lay down their arms and hand themselves over to the government to benefit from the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) process, but without success.

Nyongo and his followers distanced themselves from Renamo after the victory of Ossufo Momade as the new President of Perdiz, replacing the ill-fated Afonso Dlhakama, and as a demand they opted to form the Military Junta that started to kill and destabilize the peace in Mozambique.

The Government appeals to Mariano Nyongo’s followers who are still in the woods to lay down their arms and voluntarily surrender to benefit from the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration process.


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