The commercial of the Greens for the federal election polarized. In the social networks, numerous users pass a devastating judgment. But one expert rates the video as successful.

The Greens earned ridicule on social networks for a video about the federal election. According to the campaign manager Annkathrin Schäfer, the clip with the title “A beautiful country” should encourage and exude confidence, she said according to the media magazine “Meedia”. However, many users on Twitter made fun of the video.

One reason for the criticism is the music. In the video, the song “No beautiful country in this time” from 1840 is repositioned. So it says in the text: “A beautiful country at this time. There is a new departure far and wide.”

The song is not sung by professional singers, but by the people in the video. “With a catchy tune into the government,” says a press release from the Greens. A user already sees special event planning coming to the Federal Chancellery.

Political scientist Benjamin Höhne from the Institute for Parliamentary Research in Berlin thinks the selection of songs is quite successful. He told t-online: “You are addressing traditional sections of the population who know the song and thus find access to it, but who then may experience irritation.”

One user is bothered by the role of the party chairman in the video: “The bad thing about the #Gruene commercial is not the crooked singing, but the two rigid / rigid party chairmen who completely rob the rhythm not only of the melody, but also of the video … “

In addition to Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, for example, a carer with a pensioner, a woman who picks up plastic bottles on the beach, young people at a demonstration and people barbecuing can be seen.

“Election advertising from the mid-20th century in the style of the #CSU“, comments one user. Another wants to see it as a parody of German society.

Political scientist Höhne sees very good approaches in the video. “The spot is intended to address a large cross-section of the population – it is a catch-all concept with a green coat of paint. It remains to be seen whether it will get caught in circles that have not previously favored the Greens.”

CDU politician Alexander Heppe ironically sees the Green election advert as an invitation to a new competition.

Even if the spot does not go down well with some Twitter users, expert Höhne sees the party’s program well implemented. “I think the spot is honest, even if it is currently experiencing a lot of malice on social media: It reflects the party’s agenda – and their inclusive ideas about where Germany would like to go.”

The Greens, however, are not the first whose video has sparked controversial reactions. Olaf Scholz became mocked for a scene, which is reminiscent of the US series “House of Cards”. Another video was even withdrawn after criticism.