As usual, Free often hits hard in the offers it offers. Today, even if this is not new, let’s take stock of its 5G mobile plan with unlimited data which can be obtained at only € 9.99 per month and without obligation! Interesting, isn’t it?
Basic, this 5G package is offered to everyone at a price of € 19.99 per month with a data envelope of 150 GB. On the other hand the price drops to € 15.99 per month if you are a Freebox subscriber (ADSL or fiber), and even at only € 9.99 for Freebox Pop subscribers, with both unlimited 5G mobile data.

To put it simply, here is a summary of what offers the Free 5G mobile plan:

  • 150 Go d’internet in 5G / 4G + (reduced speed beyond) and a unlimited volume for Freebox subscribers
  • Unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in France, USA, Canada, China, DOM and to landlines in 100 destinations.
  • Unlimited SMS / MMS in France and unlimited SMS to the DOM
  • 25 GB abroad (70 destinations) with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, Afr. South, New Zealand, Australia, Israel.

The offer is unbeatable knowing that in addition, the service Free Ligue is offered to you with the subscription to allow you to watch Ligue 1 football matches.

5G mobile plan with unlimited data from € 9.99 per month for Freebox subscribers

As a reminder, Free also offers a Free serial mobile plan offered at € 10.99 per month with 80 GB of data, this plan then automatically switching after one year to the above plan. You will also find at the level of fiber plans the Freebox Revolution at € 19.99 per month or the Freebox Pop at € 29.99 per month for one year with up to 5 Gbit / s shared in downlink and up to 700 Mbit / s in upflow!

And do not hesitate to consult the offers of the competition with Sosh and its 50 GB and 100 GB plans at € 12.99 and € 15.99 per month, La Poste Mobile and its 80 GB plan at € 14.99 per month, or Cdiscount and its 5 GB and 80 GB plans at € 3.99 and € 7.99 per month without forgetting RED and its packages 1, 70, 100 and 130 GB at respectively 5, 13, 15 and 19 € per month and B&You with its 10, 70, 100 and 130 GB plans at 9.99, 12.99, 14.99 € and 18.99 € respectively per month.


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