A 3.9 magnitude earthquake measured in Florida – triggered by a US Navy bomb

Watch the video: Earthquake measuring 3.9 magnitude measured in Florida – triggered by a US Navy bomb.

Stress test for the new US aircraft carrier “USS Gerald R. Ford”.

The US Navy triggers a huge, controlled explosion around 160 kilometers off the coast of Florida.

The aim of the explosion is to simulate combat conditions.

In addition, the so-called “Full Ship Shock Trails” serve to identify weak points in the construction.

The US geology agency USGS measures the explosion as a 3.9 magnitude earthquake.

An earthquake is a measurable vibration of the earth’s body. However, these do not necessarily have to be caused by the displacement of the earth plates.

The fact that an explosion by the US Navy is displayed on the USGS seismograph is not a first.

In 2016, a comparable test was classified as a 3.7 earthquake.